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"do you ever wear anything that isn’t black"

"yeah, once a year"


You know I was debating leaving tumblr. I don’t use it as much but when I do its always funny so I figured I’d stick around. This post tho. It pisses me off a whole fuck ton. I’m for gay equality whether in marriage in relationships everything. I got fam who is gay so yeah I understand it sucks and I hope we get these crooked ass laws changed. But if you think that I can’t celebrate my straightness as much as a gay dude can flaunt his gayness you’re fucked. Granted I don’t want to cause I don’t think its nothin to celebrate really. I like pussy. Whoop de doo. But if you shaming straight people because they straight and no other reason? You’re no more wrong than someone hatin on a gay person simply cause they gay. Its a two way street guys. Nobody seems to grasp that simple concept. But whatever. Fuck you tumblr. You and your social justice bullshit can go fuck yourselves I’m outtie. DEUCES

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